Module #3 - Basic Visual Technique for Analytics (Color)

This visual is from the FL Department of Transportation data set on pedestrian involved traffic incidents from 2011 to 2013.

I added delineation between the four subsections of Florida (Panhandle, North, Central, South) with rough, estimated lines. One way that this could have been more accurate is to use another geographic layer with the predefined, official delineation lines. However, for the purposes of this infographic, the rough estimates provide enough clarity between the different sections of cities and regions. I found it difficult to add any additional images of clip art for two reasons:

  1. The images of car accident clip art were noisy and did not add to the interpretation of the graphic
  2. The topic of pedestrian involved accidents is serious and should be represented with sensitivity for those involved
Provided this, I addded some visual elements that separate the Panhandle, North, Central, and South regions, with an additional blurb with the data context and source.